Basic Library Rules


1.            Users must present their GOU or IECE identification, or a letter of introduction from the library of their home institution.

2.            All personal bags and books are to be left on the table provided before entering the reading space.

3.            All cell phones must be switched off or set to silent.  No telephone conversations are to be held in the Library.

4.            No food or drink in the Library.

5.            No “colonization” of seats.

6.            Readers must maintain an atmosphere conducive to studying:  quiet, calm, and neat.

7.            Care must be taken of all library materials and equipment.  Readers will be charged for any damage they cause.

8.            All users must leave the Library promptly during prayers and break periods.

9.            Negligent or intentional damage to Library property will result in a fine the cost of the item plus such other fine as the University shall determine.

10.       No notices or posters shall be mounted without the permission of the University Librarian.

11.       Institute projects may not be borrowed or photocopied.

12.       Failure to obey rules or meet obligations to the Library may result in loss of library privileges.


Approved by the Senate Library and Publications Committee, 25 May 2010

Approved by the University Senate, 2 June 2010