Circulation Policy


The Library circulates general books to University students and staff of both the University and the Institute for Ecumenical College Education (IECE).  Reference books, periodicals, and CD’s do not circulate outside the Library.  The Library also maintains a Reserve collection of items under particularly heavy demand and/or especially difficult to replace.  These items may be borrowed for use in the Library only.  The borrower must present a GOU or IECE identification before borrowing.


When borrowing any item, the user should point out to Library staff any existing damage to the book.  Staff will then note such damage on the book card (if not already to noted).  The borrower will be responsible for any damage not previously recorded.


Borrowed items may be renewed for a maximum of two times, if no one else has requested the item.  After two renewals, the book must be returned before being checked out again.


During the initial phase of this policy, the following table gives the general rules for all circulating materials:


                                                                                        Borrowing                     Late

                                                                                           Period                        Fine

General Circulating Books

GOU academic staff                                                         1 week                      N10/day

GOU administrative staff                                                  1 week                      N50/day                 

GOU students                                                                   1 week                      N50/day     

IEcE academic and administrative staff                           1 week                      N50/day

IEcE post-graduate students                                             1 week                      N50/day


Reserve Items

All borrowers                                                                     3 hours                    N30/hour


If a borrower loses a book, he or she shall pay an administrative charge of N100 plus the replacement cost of the book or, if non-replaceable, N1,500.  The fine will be waived or refunded if a good copy of the same title is supplied.  The administrative fee is non-refundable.  The fine for damaged items will be the cost of repair or, if irreparable, will be charged as if lost.


Failure to pay fines or other abuse of Library rules may lead to loss of Library privileges.  All obligations to the Library must be fulfilled to obtain University clearance.


Any exception to these general rules requires the approval of the University Librarian.


Review of policy


The librarians should review this Circulation policy at least every five years.  Recommendations for changes should be sent to the entire library staff and to the Vice Chancellor before submission to the Senate Library and Publications Committee for approval.  Implementation of policies should be documented through the Library’s procedure manual.



Approved by the Senate Library and Publications Committee, 25 May 2010

Approved by the University Senate, 2 June 2010

Last amended by Senate, 29 March 2011